Jonny Plews

Full Name: Jonny Plews
Position: Group Director, Asia
LinkedIn Profile:

Jonny was the first person beyond the founding partners to join Oliver James Associates. Over his 12-year recruitment career, he has been responsible for much of our international growth. Jonny initially recruited internal auditors and accountants to the insurance sector, and after considerable success in this area, he was given the challenge of setting up the Actuarial division in 2005. Since then Jonny has grown the largest and most successful Actuarial team in Europe, and in 2011, he relocated to Hong Kong to develop our offering into the Asia-Pacific market.

At present, Jonny has a dual focus role; firstly developing our insurance offering through Asia (Actuarial, Accountancy, Risk Management, Internal Audit, Compliance, Underwriting And Change Management) and second, building our Legal division in Hong Kong. Beyond this, his plan is to expand this offering across all of our offices globally.